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At Camtec we offer a variety of solutions and advice on how you can save your energy and your bills. One of the most common ways we and others supply this is through smart wiring systems.

 Basically smart wiring systems “future proof your home” meaning that no  matter how much technology advances and changes you will be able to use it all!


Smart wiring has many capabilities that can be customised and designed to suite your needs. These include being able to remotely access a dashboard to control 

turning on/off lights as well as timing them, operating your air cons, security systems and smart technologies such as Smart TV’s, home aids and more! Smart wiring allows you to access and control you home from far away when you’re at work or even if you’re too comfy on your couch to move. These systems are also relatively simple to install as they are made out of ordinary copper wires.

Smart wiring uses copper wires over others such as optic fibre or wireless systems as it is more economical to install, more durable and reliable and can also carry a lot more data.

The great thing about smart wiring though is that at Camtec we customise your smart system to suite you and your lifestyle perfectly. This also means that we can follow your wish list, deal breakers and budgets to the letter.

Another more common option of course is renewable energy such as solar or wind power. These systems are well known for not only protecting our planet but also massively reducing power bills. This is because apart from actually purchasing the unit and paying for the install there is little to no future cost. This means after the install you only have to pay for electricity when you access the grid and in Perth with the amount of sun we get, that rarely ever happens.

Save-Electric-1If you’re not up to doing installations in your home there are other ways to reduce your electricity that don’t cost anything. Here are some of our top tips:

  1. Only adjust your air con to a few degrees higher or lower than 26 (the optimal temperature for the human body) it may take longer to cool down or heat up but it will be the perfect temp and will reduce your power usage
  2. Curtains- You close them when you’re hot and open them when you’re cold to keep the heat out or in
  3. Ceiling fans- Are the more cost effective way to keep cool without using an air con in summer so you don’t boil at night
  4. TV brightness- a lot of TV will have their brightness set to max without even needing it, so make sure you check the level on your TV to save you some spending money.

These are our main ways to protect your electricity bill no matter the season. If you are interested in looking at installing smart wiring in your home or maybe some solar panels then follow the link below to our site for more information.

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