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One company. Multiple divisions. Same great service.

All your commercial electrical services with just one phone call.


Camtec have a long term booking system that allows for the scheduled servicing of clients. Services include:
  • Safety and Emergency Exit system testing, auditing, and servicing
  • RCD testing and thermal heat testing of main and sub power boards
  • Test and Tag that is bar coded
  • Signage servicing
  • UPS maintenance
  • Kitchen, bathroom and hot water appliance servicing and cleanin
Our certified technicians are the best in the business. Camtec stand behind all their work and will continue to support you with any system problems for many years to come.
We will always provide you with the closest estimate we can for the cost of the job. For bigger and more complicated projects we prefer to visit site and walk through the job with you to make sure we cover off and provide pricing for all of the project.
We take safety seriously as electricity can be a dangerous thing. We enjoy and respect the systems and protocols of our clients and adhere to them. When booking a job just let us know if there will inductions required or other special site requirements.
If you’re 24/7 then so are Camtec. We pride ourselves on being there for you when you need us.

Understanding the needs of the commercial customer

Camtec understand that every commercial site is different. We make sure that our approach is tailored to this and that we remain flexible and able to adapt to our commercial customer’s needs. Our years of experience has taught us this, and this same experience allows us to provide the best solution at competitive pricing.

Our tradespeople and technicians are experts in the installation, modification, repair, and maintenance of commercial electrical systems.They can safely perform any electrical task you need, from repair of lighting fixtures, sensors, signage, safety systems to electrical audits and test and tag.New building installationsand office renovations are alsoour specialty.

No matter the size of your commercial electrical project, Camtec will get the job done with a high level of quality and meet or exceed Australian industry standards and guidelines. Both our safety on the worksite, and the safety of you and your customers after we have left are paramount.

Our Property Management System will reduce the pressures of managing investment properties. We can cater for both private investors as well as large management companies and support both scheduled services along with emergency breakdown and repairs. Our office support team will manage the process to make sure both you and your tenant are satisfied in the most cost effective way.


Electrical Contractors

The power to make the right call!

As seasoned electrical contractors in Perth and its surrounding areas, our team has seen its fair share of “unique” jobs. Sadly, on too many occasions, it is left to us to undo the mess that other contractors have created.

Be it for residential electrical repairs, commercial electrical service, hot water repairs, general electrical repair and maintenance, spare parts, electrical warranty service, or air conditioning services, there are not many electrical contractors in Perth that offer such diversity of service throughout Western Australia!

It is precisely this diversity of services, under a single roof, that has kept many of our customers coming back to us – time and time again – whenever they need reliable service.

So why experiment with unproven or untested electrical contractors in Perth when the Camtec Team is here to help?

Electrical Contractors Perth putting YOU first

We are hard wired to always put YOU, our customer, first!   Not many electrical contractors in Perth take customer service as seriously as the Camtec Team. It’s what we do.

And…we have the credentials to back that up:

  • Member of Master Electricians
  • Accredited Installer by Clean Energy Council
  • Member of the Australian Refrigeration Council
  • …and a whole lot more!

So when you call us in to help you with a particular situation, you’ll be dealing with some of the most trusted electrical contractors in Perth. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that the technician you are dealing with is a highly trained, fully licensed and exceptionally experienced professional.

And…here we grow again!

Our commitment to excel in everything we do has lead us on a path to growing our business. Our recent acquisition of DACAPS and Customer Service Plaza now means YOU – the customer – will be working with one of most experienced electrical contractors in Perth.

Our expansion also means that:

  • You’ll have more services at your disposal
  • We’ll have more professionals to help you with your electrical and other warranty, service and maintenance challenges
  • You can expect the same exceptional service levels that many of our existing clients have come to know us for!

With all this growth and expansion, one thing has remained static: Our unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Make the right call!

With so much to offer you, it gives us no pleasure to see clients and prospective clients working with other electrical contractors in Perth that just don’t meet our high standards of professionalism.  But as a valued client, you should know that we’ll always stand by you. Even when they falter, we’re always there to make it right!

As consumers, you are always in control of the type of service you receive. Seasoned electrical contractors in Perth will tell you that, when you make that call for help, you put into motion a set of events that could ultimately determine whether your issue is resolved professionally – or whether it’s worse off!

At Camtec Electrical, we have the power to do right by you…but only YOU have the power to make the right call!

Why Choose Camtec

Punctual, efficient, and quality workmanship that is guaranteed!


All our tradespeople and technicians are skilled and experienced in their field. They have the most up to date training and are backed with the right tools to get the job done. They are supported by an internal team that understands the products and can work with you to meet your needs.

Guarantee, Assurance

All our work is guaranteed! Our tradespeople and technicians are qualified and accredited for the work they perform, and all jobs will meet the required government and industry body standards at a minimum. We work safely to maintain yours!

Quality Parts & Equipment

Long term customer satisfaction and safety requires both good workmanship and quality products. Camtec will only use products that are of genuine or greater quality that have an Australian supported warranty network to give you peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

Camtec aim to always be a cost effective service provider, combining quality with reasonable pricing. With a focus on a well trained team, the right products, first time fix and after service support, the “Camtec Package” will meet your needs.