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Using technology to help the environment.



This is the term we use for finding the most efficient way for your home or office to run its’ electronics and electrical systems.
We always hope to save our customers money, but even if the outcome is “cost neutral”, then the winner is the environment, and that’s a very good thing.
There is A LOT more to efficiently managing an electrical system than solar panels. Solar is a fantastic resource, and when combined with modern automation and an understanding of your specific energy use, then outcomes that are really good for both you and the environment can be achieved.
We think so. Our view is that we should think about our total energy use, not just what we consume in the office or at home. Camtec can help with the installation of, or upgrading, of your home and office to make it suitable for the new age of electric cars.
This is where we have achieved some of the best outcomes. As most of office energy is consumed during the peak sunlight hours, the right combination of solar and automation can get fantastic results that save money and the environment. Camtec can work with your companies ‘carbon offset policies and guidelines’ to design the best system for you.

Camtec Electrical is well equipped to help optimize the energy efficiency of domestic or commercial electrical systems.

Whether you face excessive utility bills or you’re environmentally conscious, there are plenty of ways to get the most out of the local electricity supply.

The team at Camtec can provide top quality advice in this area and can even send our crew of technicians to your home or workplace to install new components and modify your current systems.

Servicing the entire Perth and Peel area, Camtec has optimised the power usage of countless households, offices and factories throughout the region. We tackle this issue from multiple angles too, ensuring the final solution fits in with your needs. For example, we can install movement sensors in your building to control the lights when someone enters or leaves. We can also install solar panels on the roof, allowing you to tap into the endless power of the Sun rather than the local grid.

Our energy management solutions extend far beyond these simple techniques too. Whether you need some remote monitoring/analysis of your workplace systems or you wish to install time control circuits or day/night switches in your home, our team can design and install a system that meets your requirements perfectly. We can even advise on which components will be suitable for your specific aims, allowing you to optimise your systems in a more efficient manner.

To find out more, please contact our highly trained team of staff. Whether you are just finding out about the field of power management or you are curious about specific parts, we will be happy to talk with you about these and many other topics. We are available for a consultation via phone, fax or the electronic form on our site, so send us your enquiry today.