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We help make solar part of your Energy and Environment Management plan. At home or the office.


We can do a complete install, tidy up after, and manage the paperwork for you. This is all part of our install quote.
That is a challenge with all the different player in the market. Camtec are not an importer or wholesaler of the hardware, so we can concentrate on what is the best product and equipment for your specific situation rather than trying to sell you what we have on the shelf. The technology is getting better all the time and Camtec want to make sure we aren’t tied to old legacy systems when there are better alternatives available.
Our certified technicians are the best in the business. Camtec stand behind all their work and will continue to support you with any system problems for many years to come
Yes, we can do that. Solar is a great addition to the home or office Energy Management system. A complete approach like this is what will give you, and the environment, the best resultfrom both systems.
A simple home solar system can play a big part in helping charge your electric vehicle during the day. If included with a battery storage system, then you can also use clean energy during the evenings to help charge the car. There are some variables here though, so do please give us a call to discuss.
Unfortunately the panels need to under as much sun as possible to optimize their output. In a lot of cases this means the roof. If your property allows it, we certainly can install then in another location and achieve good results. Also, the modern panels are a lot more streamlined, don’t need to be on such big angles, and are better designedso as to be more appealing on modern roofs.

Solar / Energy Management

If you are sick of expensive utility bills, have you ever thought about installing some solar panels on your roof? As homes in Perth soak up an average of eight hours of sunlight each day, there is plenty of energy there just waiting to be tapped into! Placing some PV panels on your roof lets you benefit from this clean energy source and reduce your electrical bills at the same time.

Camtec has the accreditation to install, maintain and repair these renewable energy systems. No matter the size or layout of your setup, we will ensure it safely converts solar power to electricity for a very long time to come.

Our rates are highly affordable as well, as we wish to provide a cost effective way for you to save the planet and your future bank balance at the same time.

Camtec are not only CEC licensed and accredited installers we are also inspectors for the Clean Energy Regulator which means we have to inspect previous third party installations to make sure they are safe, efficient and conform to regulations and standards as set within the industry.

We also take this knowledge and experience into designing the right system for each individual circumstance, not just what is on special and what can fit on your roof.

If you are interested in placing one of the clean energy systems within your home, please contact our staff today. As Perth’s leading expert in solar photovoltaic cells and panels, we can advise you on the correct setup for your home or business. We will then send over a certified technician who will safely install all of the necessary components and tap you into the renewable power of the Sun’s rays. Being green and saving money has never been easier with a little help from the team here at Camtec Electrical!

Camtec Electrical is fully accredited to install any size of Solar System. Call to arrange a no obligation free quote on supply or supply/install of you Solar System.