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Camtec has, since 2001, been servicing the Western Australian electrical and appliance repair market. From inception we have been building on our experience and using this to meet the ever increasing demands placed upon us by the electrical and appliance services of the home and office.

This 20+ years of experience has taught us that quality parts matter, competitive pricing matters, reliability matters and guarantees matter!

Our experienced tradespeople are trusted by some of the biggest names in the electrical market to maintain and service their products. The same knowledge and service requirements are applied to every job we do.

Camtec has only one standard; The best we can do!

Camtec Electrical – Camtec Air Conditioning – Camtec Appliances – Camtec Spare Parts and Refurbished Appliances

Camtec Electrical encompasses all of our domestic, commercial and industrial projects for our electricians such as:

  • Solar power
  • LED lighting
  • Cabling Services
  • Energy management
  • Smart wiring and automation

Camtec Air Conditioning is where we focus on the installation and repair of air conditioner units. We are also qualified member of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) and frequently work with brands such as:

  • Samsung
  • Daikin
  • Kelvinator
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Fujitsu

Our Camtec Appliances division covers the repair, installation and servicing of all your home appliances, in and out of warranty, including:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Laundry appliances
  • Commercial appliances
  • Home entertainment appliances
  • Gas & Electrical cooking appliances

For more information visit our appliance repairs page!

Our Spare Parts and Refurbished Appliance division are for the home fixers and home makers, we have many contracts to provide genuine parts for multiple brands that you may not be able to get anywhere else. Our spare parts team can identify the part you need to fix any appliances you may have in your home or office.

Our refurbished appliances are almost new items that have been serviced with genuine parts to bring them back to ‘as new’ condition. You can purchase these with the confidence of a 1 year in-home warranty.

Click here to see some of the brands that we supply parts for!

Call or email Camtec now on (08) 6258 0000, service@camtec.com.au.

Why Choose Camtec

Punctual, efficient, and quality workmanship that is guaranteed!


All our tradespeople and technicians are skilled and experienced in their field. They have the most up to date training and are backed with the right tools to get the job done. They are supported by an internal team that understands the products and can work with you to meet your needs.

Guarantee, Assurance

All our work is guaranteed! Our tradespeople and technicians are qualified and accredited for the work they perform, and all jobs will meet the required government and industry body standards at a minimum. We work safely to maintain yours!

Quality Parts & Equipment

Long term customer satisfaction and safety requires both good workmanship and quality products. Camtec will only use products that are of genuine or greater quality that have an Australian supported warranty network to give you peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

Camtec aim to always be a cost effective service provider, combining quality with reasonable pricing. With a focus on a well trained team, the right products, first time fix and after service support, the “Camtec Package” will meet your needs.