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Our certified technicians are the best in the business. Camtec stand behind all their work and will continue to support you with any system problems for many years to come.
Air conditioning systems need quality parts. Without this we are risking our environment, and that is a risk we just wont take! We also sleep better at night knowing that your system is a lot less likely to be breaking down when it’s 40 degrees outside.
A complete job at the right price is what Camtec offer. One that keeps you cool when you need it and warm and cosy in the cold.
We are able to service most systems, from the basic home to medium sized industrial systems. Evaporative, split or ducted.
The cost doesn’t matter if you have the wrong system installed for your and your buildings needs. Camtec’s experience and accreditations will give you the right system, with good, quality airflow at a competitive price.
  • New installations of split, ducted or evaporative systems.
  • Scheduled servicing of your home or commercial system
  • Emergency breakdown and repair
  • Advice on system requirements to make sure the correct type and size system is installed.
  • Integration with your home or commercial automation system

Poorly maintained, or badly installed air conditioners tend to be inefficient, prone to breakdowns and dirty and unhealthy for the occupants.

Camtec’s trained and certified air conditioning technicians know this well after many years experience in the West Australian industry. They understand the local conditions and how important a healthy air conditioning system is to the workplace or home. Clean, healthy air, at the right temperature, is vital in the workplace during the day and essential during those long hot nights.

The Australian Refrigeration Council has certified our team to install systems in both residential and commercial applications. This gives you the confidence that your install, service, or breakdown repair will be done to the highest standards.Like you, we care about our environment, so we take the reclamation of, and install of, new gas seriously, and will only use genuine or better products in all our work.

Camtec are trusted by some of the best brands in the industry to carry out their warranty work. This is because we know our product, arrive on time, are clean and care about customer satisfaction. Whether we are working on commercial or residential systems, we understand the importance of it working well to you, your family, your friends, or your co-workers.

Get in contact with Camtec today for a cost effective new install, a yearly service schedule, or an important repair. We can manage your split, ducted and evaporative systems. Our guaranteed workmanship will have you enjoying a healthy air environment in no time.