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Technology to make your life easier.


No you don’t. Good quality systems can be designed that suit your priorities and cash flow. You can then add new sections at a later stage.
Most definitely. We believe that office automation is a very important part of Energy Management and should be considered by every office and commercial premises.
Simply, yes. You can even remotely control some appliances to have then run through the day when your solar system is at full capacity.
No, it shouldn’t be used instead of, but it is excellent to be used in conjunction with your home security system. You can automate your home to make it appear like someone is home and moving around.
A good system may be complicated to install and set up, but they should not be hard to operate. We design our systems around some of the best interfaces available, and these are very user friendly – even for the novice.
Our certified technicians are the best in the business. Camtec stand behind all their work and will continue to support you with any system problems for many years to come

Welcome to Smart Wiring and Automation solutions from Camtec.

A Smart Home should enhance your lifestyle, not complicate it. Let the team from Camtec show you how, with the introduction of smart wiring and automation controls for Lighting, Entertainment, Security and Networking just to name a few.

Something that you have seen on tv or in movies is now readily available and a lot more cost effective than you may think. Home automation and control from Camtec is an affordable luxury. Create intelligent environments, maximise comfort and convenience whilst reducing energy usage.

At Camtec our team of qualified electricians and certified designers in Perth and the Peel area will automate your house, home office or traditional office to the highest standards using the brands that you know and trust.

What is smart wiring?

Smart wiring is a new adopted standard used by leading developers, builders and registered electricians. It uses low voltage high speed connectivity cabling that is future-proof and allows for rapid technology changes.

Although wireless connectivity is used for mobile and web based user experiences, physical smart wiring is required due to the speed and performance required to deal with the digital technology communications without interruptions or delays.

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is a combination of control systems that simplify the way that you interact with your home. These control systems are now able to control your Lighting, Entertainment, Security systems, Blinds, Air Conditioning and much much more.

Have your lights dim, shades close and TV turn on at the touch of a button.

How do I get started?

Each installation is different and there are a number of variables that we need to consider when designing your system.

To ensure the highest level of service and support in Perth and other areas of WA please send us your request via email to service@camtecelectrical.com.au or fill in the form. One of our friendly staff will get in contact with you regarding your enquiry.