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Reasons to hire a professional electrician

Under no circumstances do we believe that people should not hire a licensed electrician to complete any electrical jobs you want done.

All our electricians have gone through years of training and Professional-Electrician experience and are held to high safety standards to protect you, your family and anyone else.

There are three main reasons why you need a sparky to do your work:

Electricity is dangerous-

This is the most important reason why you need to hire a professional electrician like the ones here at Camtec. It doesn’t matter if you follow every precaution and every safety check if you don’t have the proper knowledge and understanding of electricity you can not only get electrocuted but cause an electrical fire that might not occur straight away when you would be more prepared for it. Statistics show that electrical fires are the cause of 51,000 fires each year. Many of these fires have caused deaths due to lack of fire safety devices and procedures. So yes you can get a little shock or get electrocuted but the chance of an electrical fire is more likely to occur in times where a proper licensed electrician was not used to do your electrical work.

Professional Quality-

Not only does hiring a licensed electrician increase the safety of your home or property but it also ensures a nationwide standard of quality. Yes you may encounter the odd dodgy sparky but majority of the time you know you well get a good standard of work, mostly because their livelihood depends on the quality of their work. They also pride themselves on their training and expertise which allows them to make quick judgement and quality repairs. A professional repair or installation means that your will have:

  • A decreased likelihood of breakdowns
  • Simplified future repairs
  • A clean working environment

Also by hiring a professional should there be anything wrong with what they have done all fixes and repairs will be covered under warranty.

Licensed work-

All homes and buildings are required by law to follow a specific set of rules and regulations for proper electrical wiring. Professional electricians are required to pass certification exams to prove they are familiar with these regulations. These rules are set in place because they enforce efficiency and and safety for buildings occupants. So even though you may be very familiar with how electricity works, you are not likely to be familiar with the hundreds of regulations and requirements you need to fulfill. This may not be very important to you at the time but if you ever try to sell your property a licensed inspector will notice if you have made any shortcuts.

So no matter how big or small your project is always make sure to hire a professional to protect you, your property and any future investments.Hire-a-Professional