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Before you commit to buying a house

Whenever you purchase something as important as a home, whether it is an old property or even a new one you should always ensure you do an independent electrical inspection. When investing in a home there are always hidden nasties laying in the areas that you cannot visibly see (especially in older properties);

it could be that your home has not had updated wiring or maybe the wiring if frayed or damaged over time. In newer homes the most common issue is that the wiring was not installed properly or there has been recent damage during the building process.

So it doesn’t matter if the home you’re purchasing is new or old, you should always get an electrical inspection done to protect you and your wallet!

If your house is old

If you or your family have lived in the same home for many years it may slip your mind to get your house inspected, in fact many see this as a hassle or not necessary. However, old wiring and other electrical components of your home could be worn or even outdated and this can cause danger to you or your family. It doesn’t have to be done every year or very frequently but is a little something extra to protect your home.

If you have any concerns about your house

If you think that there may be some electrical issues with your home you should definitely organise an electrical inspection, this can be handy to find out if there has been anElectrical-Inspection-1y damage in your home but a proper professional can also identify where something may need updating or even some improvements that could be made.

Again you do not need to get an electrical inspection every year, but keeping on top of it will make your home last longer.

After a major storm

Although we may not get massive hurricanes or storms in Perth, we have seen our fair share of bad weather. Whenever there has been extreme weather it can easily damage the multiple electrical elements throughout your home. Even though you may not notice any damage to your home it’s always wise to get another opinion and a quick inspection can give you peace of mind and is painless to do (with the right electricians!) There may not be any direct damage to your wiring or other electronics but things such that protect them may have been damaged or weakened and degrade over time. So do the smart thing and get your home checked.

On a regular basis after buying a house

The main point of this blog is to realise the importance of electrical inspections for your home, at Camtec we advise to have electrical inspections done on your home every few years or so to ensure that you and your home is protected and is as efficient as possible.

There are many positives to having frequent inspections so make sure you are well protected at all times and organise a quick inspection for your home now!

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