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Decorative Lighting


With shades of light, the whole ambience of the room can be changed from routine to festive.  Decorative lighting is a way to enhance the beauty of your home or any living space indoors and outdoors.  For a space to be perfect, it is absolutely essential for it to have a well-designed lighting plan.  Decorative lighting used to be restricted to times of the day, events or really special occasions.

Today homeowners want their living spaces to reflect their own style and taste and there are no shortages of decorative lighting options to suite every single style.

Every home is special.  It is a reflection of the individual residing in it- their taste and their style.  Decorative lighting is all about creating a mood and adding interest to a room, for example, by highlighting various objects and areas in the room such as a painting.

Decorative fixtures can be used both inside the house as well as on the outside.  An interior lighting design takes various factors into account like space, placement of furniture, colour of the room and the specific task for which the room is needed.  For example, a study would have a different style of decorative lighting when compared to the lighting style for a kitchen.  Outdoor lighting would consist mainly of garden lighting, entrance lighting, pathway lighting and street lighting.
Indoor decorative Lighting gives a room personality and style.  It should give a person that visual impact that defines the owner’s personality in just one glance.  Interior decorative lighting fixtures include ceiling fixtures like chandeliers or table fixtures like lamps.  It can also include wall fixtures like paintings, medals, trophies etc.  There are some factors that need to be considered for decorative lighting like cost saving, power effectiveness, affordability, space etc.

If you were designing a light plan for the dining area, you would use lighting sources such as hanging lights and pendants so that they illuminate the table from the top and not from the side to avoid casting shadows on plates.
For the bathroom, you would place the lighting source to avoid casting shadows on the face when looking in the mirror.

Similarly, for the living room, the main source of lighting (for example a chandelier) should always spotlight the central sitting place.  Also plants, paintings and other show pieces can be used as a contrast to cast a dramatic effect in the room.
For bedroom lighting, bedside lights which can be mounted on the wall or using table lamps work best as they would be more practical (especially in the middle of the night!).

Outdoor decorative lighting allows you to enjoy your outside living space after dark – increasing the security, safety and beauty of your home.  Proper decorative lighting transforms your garden after dark.

It can give life to a pool or a pond making it a place of sanctuary or a place to have fun.  It can also provide security features.