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Cleaning electrical switches and outlets

Often our switches and outlets are completely overlooked when cleaning our homes. We generally go straight for the windows, floors and our appliances; But our switches in our homes are one of the dirtiest areas. Although they may not look dirty the bacteria from our hands and the dust that collects on them are all over it and if they aren’t cleaned imagine how easy it is for these germs to spread.

So make sure that you when cleaning don’t forget the switches!

Safety tips


Like any other electrical element of your home you have to be very careful when cleaning it, you can’t just spray some cleaning products or hot water on them directly or you will get zapped. Instead spray onto a paper towel first and use that to clean. Most of all though if you are planning on cleaning your switches make sure your power is turned off! Just go to your switch box in your home, locate the breaker or fuse for the outlet you want to clean and switch it off.

Light Switch Covers

  1. Again first and foremost, turn the power off before you even touch your switch
  2. Them remove the light switch cover/plate from the wall. Be careful not to damage your wall or switch when you pry it off. You can also use a Flathead screwdriver to remove it more easily.
  3. Clean the plate directly with soap and warm water, you can use a bucket or your sink.
  4. Make sure you thoroughly dry it out before pushing the plate back onto the wall, and then you’re all done!

Outlet Covers

  1. Another reminder to have your power turned off the prevent any electrocution or other safety hazards.
  2. Make sure you remove the light switch cover first and clean that separately
  3. Spray a dust or dirt removal agent onto a cotton swab or paper towel and gently wipe away the dirt and dust on the power outlet.
  4. Push the plate back onto the wall
  5. Now you have a perfectly clean and sage powerpoint!

Also don’t forget to turn your power back on!

What if my outlet cover is too dirty?

We’ve all seen the old outlet cover that have become a bit discoloured and changed into that

 gross yellow colour. If you have tried your hardest to get it back to the pristine white it was and it still doesn’t change don’t worry it’s actually very easy to replace them. Standard outlet cover are easy to find all over Perth and most hardware stores will have them places like Bunnings sell a bunch of different types as well so you can upgrade your look.


If you’re looking for an upgrade though at Camtec we can definitely help you out. We are partnered with Clipsal and can supply and/or install their beautiful Saturn Series switches which is sure to make your home pop!

So come down to Camtec and have a look at what we have in stock or just give us a call for a quick quote and more details!