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When having babies in your home there are so many hidden dangers you may not be aware of, especially when it comes to the electrical components in your home. In fact, there are thousands of cases each year where infants or young children had to be sent to emergency rooms due to such injuries.

So here is a small list of some things to look out for to baby proof your electronics:


Throughout the years our TV’s have gotten bigger and heavier. Unlike the old tellies, we used to have these newer models are top heavy and the stands they come with are not built to stop it from being knocked over. Securing your TV to your wall or cabinet means that even if your child knocks the TV it won’t fall and injure them.


Anything that’s low or in reach like DVD players or Blu ray players are easy targets for young children, not only can they hurt themselves but they also can cost a penny to get it repaired if your kids decide to play around with it. For appliances like in your home theater, you have a variety of options. The most simple option is to buy a TV cabinet that has doors or drawers and alternatively you can set up your components higher up out of reach. You can even store your appliances in another area like a cupboard, this may cost a bit extra but it will keep your room looking clean and simple and you can buy a remote sensor so you won’t need to leave the room to change the channel.


This is the most common area for baby proofing because it is so easy to get a shock from sticking your fingers into an active outlet. There are many easy ways to do this such as the plastic plug covers that you can get anywhere, but there are more inventions made to protect things such as large powerboards. For instance, you can buy a power strip cover from safety first on Amazon which is a simple and easy way to cover the entire board and still be able to use the chargers plugged into it.


Wires are fragile and when they begin to fray they can be an even bigger hazard to the young ones in your home. Organising your wires not only neatens up the place a bit but it protects the wires and your children. There are multiple ways to do this; you can use cable ties to group them together and move them out of the way or you can buy covers for your wires that completely protect them from the socket to your appliance.  Most of these wire organisers are available from online stores such as eBay or Amazon; they sell nifty inventions like the monster cable-it wire management system which comes in multiple colours and sizes or the wiremold cordmate which freely wraps around your cords.