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Camtec electrical- The best electrician in Beaconsfield

If you are the best electrician Beaconsfield and its surrounding suburbs the Camtec is the right choice for you! At Camtec we offer a wide range of high-quality services that are backed by our experienced and dedicated team.

What sparks our enthusiasm?

At Camtec our electricians have been servicing the residents of Beaconsfield for many years, and due to our founder and proprietor Tim Webb, we have established our customers as the center of our attention.  This has also been supported by our large number of highly trained, experienced and motivated team members.

You are sure to have a hard time finding another electrician Beaconsfield and its surrounding area that so keenly understands your needs,  whether they be:

Electrician Beaconsfield Services

  • Pre-wiring
  • Installation of additional lights
  • Fitting air-conditioning units
  • Adding extra General Power Outlets (GPOs)
  • Setting up a new workplace
  • Putting in new heating/cooling systems
  • Energisation of a new home
  • Renovating/upgrading your complete house
  • Installing Solar Power systems
  • Simple and complex residential and commercial cabling solutions

If you need an Beaconsfield electrician no matter the size or type of the job the team at Camtec can handle it. We work on all ranges of jobs from domestic, to commercial and industrial and are happy to provide knowledgeable expertise and consultation services. One of our main services, however, is our ability to offer complete customisation to any and every job, so you can be sure that we can satisfy all your requirements and standards this is what sets us apart from any other electrician in Beaconsfield.

What else sets us apart?

However, a complete customisation is not the only service we provide that makes us stand out from the crowd. We also offer a very unique 24/7 emergency electrician service. As we all know power outages and other issues don’t always happen at the most convenient times or days, so what are you suppose to do when you power goes out at 1 am? Generally, you would have to wait hours maybe even days to get someone out to fix it. However with our emergency electrician service no matter the day or time we are sure to be available to help you out. Best of all it won’t break the bank!

We also have much more services that make us the best choice compared to other electricians in Beaconsfield such as:

  • Using only the most reliable brand of parts and components on every service call!
  • Fully warranted service – which gives clients peace of mind that Camtec has their back even after the team has left the site!
  • Passing onto clients the benefits of a vast network of trusted contacts and suppliers!

All of our services have been perfected through years of experience and high standards, not only that we also have multiple qualifications and are an active member of NECA (the National Electrical and Communications Association).

So don’t wait any longer and give us a call or stay online to get a Quick Quote!