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Making sure your home appliances are at their optimal temperature can be a hassle and some don’t even know how important the level of temperature can be for protecting your food or keeping you warm while being as efficient as possible and keeping yourself and your family healthy.

Below we will give all the information you’ll need to ensure your home appliances are running at the optimum temperature:

Fridge/Freezers Remote


Our fridges are probably the most important item in our homes, how else are we supposed to keep our beers cold and our food safe. The main positive point of these home appliances however is that they slow the growth of bacteria in our food, and making sure your fridge or freezer is at the right temperature can dramatically decrease the level of bacteria that can be harmful to you or your family.

For your fridge the best temperature would be about 4 degrees celsius or slightly lower, this will stop your food from freezing over or overheating and reduces the bacteria in your food. One of the best ways to manage your appliances temperature is to get a refrigerator monitor so you can see and manage your appliance easier. Other ways to manage the temperature of your fridge  is to avoid over packing your fridge, wipe up any spills immediately, keep your food in separate containers, check your expiration dates of your food and clean your fridge out frequently.


It’s always tempting to turn your heater to the max in winter and wear your shorts in the house, but this is not healthy for you and wastes a lot more energy. Th

e best temperature setting for your heaters during winter is actually between 20 to 22 degrees during the day. I know that may seem quite low but it ensures you’re not overheating yourself and saves your wallet, it also isn’t as cold as you think it is. However, if you are s till freezing at this temperature then their may be problems with your heater. The main reason for this is that your heater may be too small for the room or even hidden drafts in your room.

Air conditioners:

The summer heat in Australia is sometimes unbearable so it’s really tempting for us to stay inside and turn our air cons to the max, but much like our heaters this can give us those pesky summer colds and max out your wallets. The optimum temperature for air cons during summer is actually between 24 to 25 degrees. This is sure to keep you cool enough while not costing too much. It’s the optimum temperature for your unit during the summer and does not overwork your unit causing it to wear out or fault sooner.

It’s important to manage the temperatures of your home appliances, not just to protect your wallet but also protect your appliances and the health of you and your family.

Air Conditioners