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To some members of your household, a dryer looks like a good place for a hideout or a nap. They might think the cord from your mixer is a good toy, and the dishwasher or laundry detergent a good target for their teeth or claws.

Of course, we are talking about your pets. Just about everything that could put your pets at risk can be prevented with a few extra precautions. Many of the steps you should take to keep your pets safe are good safety practices even if you don’t share your home with a dog, cat or other furry companions.


Keep laundry appliance doors shut, and do a quick safety check

Pets could climb inside a washer or dryer if the door is left open. Keep the doors on your laundry appliances shut, and check inside before you use them, Bierbrier says.


Secure your detergents

We recommend storing your laundry detergents out of pets’ reach, such as in a cupboard. If that is not possible, the product should be stored in a bite-proof container, Bierbrier says. This is especially true of detergent pods, which contain highly concentrated detergent and can be easily bitten into. That goes for both laundry and dishwasher detergents.


Put the cords out of reach

Keep the cords of your portable appliances out of the reach of pets. If a pet chews on or bites through a cord, they could be burned or electrocuted, Bierbrier says.


Look for heaters with covered elements

To reduce the risk of burns to your pets, look for a portable heater with an enclosed element, Bierbrier says. As well, look for a space heater that has safety features like an automatic turn-off for overheating or if it is tipped over.


Keep a safe kitchen

Pets should be kept away from hot stoves and ovens, Bierbrier says. The main risk is for pets to get accidentally burned by touching a previously heated element. When you’re not cooking, make sure you store any foods that are toxic to pets, like chocolate and onions, where your pet can’t reach them. If the pet is particularly crafty, owners may consider using locks to keep them out of cupboards, Bierbrier says.


Vacuum with care

Pets bring companionship, but also additional vacuuming needs. Consider keeping your pet in another room while vacuuming if the noise startles them, Bierbrier says. If that is not possible, positive reinforcement with treats and distractions may be useful.


All of these tips are helpful to not only keep your furry friends safe but are also great tips to protect other vulnerable members of your home. We recommend you always act safely when working with any appliance and have regular services to ensure that they are completely safe to use. If you notice any fault with your appliances we recommend you consult a technical service as soon as possible.

If you need any servicing done on appliances or just want someone to have a look at a faulty unit then just give Camtec a call!