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Guide to recycling electronics or e-waste

Australians are among the highest users of technology in the world, with 99% of Australian households having at least one TV while a further 55% have at least two and that’s just our TVs! Of all these new technologies only about 10% of products will end up being recycled leaving the other 90% polluting our country further.

This e-waste is major problem for our environment but  there are easy solutions in order to safely get rid of your TVs, phones and any other technology you have in your home.

What is e-waste

E-waste is waste electrical and electronic equipment that is dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields in order to function. They include common technology such as:

  • Consumer/entertainment electronics (e.g. televisions, DVD players and tuners). 
  • Devices of office, information and communications technology (e.g. computers, telephones and mobile phones). 
  • Household appliances (e.g. fridges, washing machines and microwaves). 
  • Lighting devices (e.g. desk lamps). 
  • Power tools (e.g. power drills) with the exclusion of stationary industrial devices. 
  • Devices used for sport and leisure including toys (e.g. fitness machines and remote control cars).

E-waste is such a major component of everyday Australian life and here is what you should in order to safely dispose and recycle your products:

  • Don’t throw electronics in the trash

The main reason that no e-waste should just be chucked in the bin is because it is dangerous, not only for the environment but also for people working in places such as landfills or the rubbish collectors themselves. Basically all technology today is made of toxic and highly volatile materials like battery acid, arsenic, lead and other toxic chemicals. Not only would they injure someone who got these chemicals split on them because they unit may be leaking or damaged by imagine what these chemical could do to the environment. By safely disposing of your e-waste you protect not only people but also the environment.

  • Donate for reuse if possible

So we know you shouldn’t just chuck any kind of tech in the bin so what can you do to get rid of your unwanted TVs, phones, tablets and Ipads? The next best thing would be to donate your items. If your product is in good working condition  then go and drop it off in a good sammies bin or even re-sell it to someone else, just make sure that if there is any personal data to remove it.

  • Find a responsible recycler

If you tech is not in the best condition then there are heaps of recycling programs that will take and safely dispose of your waste for free! Retailers like office works or Harvey Norman are approved to dispose of e-waste and in WA we have the National Television and computer recycling scheme in order to reduce Aussies e-waste. The link below is to a site where you can find the closest e-waste disposal company to either drop off your products or even get them collected.

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