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We know that nowadays our appliances do not last forever but that doesn’t mean every issue needs a completely new replacement and most issues are easy to diagnose and sort out. At Camtec we do  oven repairs, fridge repairs, dishwasher repairs in Perth and Western Australia. Here are a few of our most common issues that we find when repairing appliances.


  • Not heating- A microwave not cooking properly is one of the biggest issues we see when we repair microwaves. Generally faults are usually caused by a person moving or damaging the unit something we call “physical damage,” but these faults also occur due to part failure, where a specific part has just stopped working which could be for multiple reasons. If this happens it is usually caused by a fault in the magnetron or high voltage fuses within the unit.
  • No power- This is another one of the most common issues we find when repairing units. Now apart from again physical damage, faults also occur when there is fault in either the door switches- from constantly opening and slamming the door, fuses and also if the microwave is used constantly. Microwaves a re powerful but delicate machines and overusing them can cause it to fault. That is why you should never operate a microwave while there is nothing in it or use it to track time.

DVD Players

  • Won’t play disk/disk skips- This is perhaps the most annoying fault in any appliance. Thankfully there is usually an easy explanation why it stops working and it isn’t always because of a dirty disk. For this fault it is generally the DVD loader that is damaged or faulty. This can occur when people physically damage the loader by pushing/ forcing disks in or it also just is a natural fault to the part.
  • Door opens- This is really annoying especially when you just want to sit back, relax and watch a movie. Again this is another common fault that is usually due to the front panel of the unit being damaged or faulty. Front panels are actually not too hard to fix but finding a replacement especially for older units can be a bit more challenging.


  • Lines/dots on screens- This is definitely the most common fault we see in televisions, usually because they are so easy to damage or are used so much. The good part though is that it is easy to sort out. More often than not faulty screens are due to the panel of the TV being faulty. Now panels are the backside of your TV that houses the main boards and basically make them function, just imagine a TV without the screen. Although a large part of the unit they are incredibly easy to fix by professionals.
  • Remote stops working- Now when we have faulty remotes regardless of the issue we usually just buy a new one, however if the fault is not in the remote it is easy to fix again, this is because the fault always originated from issues in either the wifi module or the receiver board. These two parts are what allows your remote to connect with your TV so if they are faulting it affects your remote the most rather than your unit itself.
  • No power- This is another fault that is relatively easy to diagnose as most of the time the fault occurs due to issues with one specific part. The power supply board is pretty self explanatory and if damaged than your whole unit will not even turn on.



  • Suction doesn’t work- If you have cleaned your vacuum from top to bottom and there is nothing blocking your vacuum then it may be a technical fault. This fault occurs when the suction board is either damaged or faulty as it controls how the unit runs.
  • Robot Vacuums- One of the most common faults we see in these appliances are when they continually are bumping into things so often and so hard that they are actually getting damaged. These vacuums are sensitive and not built for rough work which is why they have sensors which connect to the sensor board. If this sensor board stops working then that is more than likely what caused them to lose control.
  • Robot Vacuums Spinning in one place– This fault mostly occurs due to physical damage as the issue originates from faulty or damaged wheels. Simply replacing or repairing the wheels will more than likely fix the problem.

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