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Our appliances are some of the most important parts of our home, how could we live without our fridges, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and TV’s! That’s why caring for them is so important and its not very hard either.

When it comes to any appliances that we use regularly we at Camtec suggest on doing a quick clean once a month and a deep clean about every six months to a year. This is across all appliances and will ensure that they last a lifetime.


The best way to clean your tellie is to not use water as that can damage the unit, dusting is the way to go when cleaning. Ensure that you dust the front and back of the unit to prevent shorts in the wiring. Another good tip is to make sure you turn the screen off when you’re not using it as leaving the unit  on for long periods of time can damage the screen.



Vacuums need a much more frequent cleaning than most other appliances just because they collect so much dirt. The best way to make sure your unit is at the top of its game is regularly clean or rinse your filters to get rid of dirt build up (make sure your filters are made of foam and not paper if you decide to rinse with water). Another way to keep your vacuum secure is to store it carefully, making sure that it is stored well actually helps lengthen the life of the unit by a lot.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are relatively easy to clean because you can buy actual machine cleaner or just use regular detergent and run it on an empty cycle for a deep clean. If you notice that your unit shakes alot when running this means that it is not level and can cause damage in the long run. If this is happening to your unit we suggest you fix it as soon as possible. Another easy way to care for the appliance is to leave the door open, by doing this after every load it will allow the water in the drum to evaporate reducing the build up of mould and water.


One super easy way to keep your microwave smelling fresh is by heating 1 cup of water with ½ a cup of lemon juice and let it sit there for about 10-15 minutes. Also by cleaning the door seal regularly with a wet rag will prevent build-up in the door causing heat to leak out.


Like with microwaves it is recommended to clean the door seals to prevent build-up. We also recommend cleaning out your unit about once a week, a quick rinse should be enough. Another easy way to maintain your unit’s power is to keep it full with products, they absorb extra heat in the unit meaning it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Air cons

The best way to care for you unit is to regularly clean the filters which can be done even once a year! Another good tip is if you have an outside condenser unit, in this case you must ensure that the surrounding area is kept clear to allow adequate air flow. An important point for cleaning air cons though is that you must make sure that the unit is completely turned off before going ahead with cleaning to ensure your safety.


The best way to deep clean your dishwasher is by pouring one or two cups of vinegar into the bottom of your dishwashers and run it on a normal cycle, this will help clean out any leftover food. Another good tip is to run your hot water in the sink first; this helps heat up the water ensuring your first rinse cycle is warm. Another easy maintenance tip is to always rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher to decrease the amount of food you are putting in the machine.

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