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We use our appliances every day whether it’s our fridges, microwaves, ovens or stoves. So how can after months and years of usage keep your appliances looking brand new if they are covered in scratches and dents?

Here are a few tips our professionals at Camtec use themselves to repair the damage.

High Gloss Enamel
• Cutting compound- This handy material is generally used by panel beaters for cars and other vehicles, however they are also perfect for buffering out any shallow scratches on appliances. To use you just mix the compound with a bit of water and rub it on the scratch, then buff it out a bit and the scratch should just disappear! Good cutting compound may be hard to find but stores such as supercheap auto offer some brands.

• Enamel Paint- Is best for deep scratches or peeled paint, we recommend to use it for microwaves and fridges. Generally it would be best to hire a professional however if you want to have a go all you have to do is tape around the scratch or mark, paint over the section and then buff it back to make it level and seamless.

• Touch up paint/pens- These are easy to find in auto stores they are used for very small or shallow marks and scratches. They help make the marks less visible and sometimes even completely remove it!

As you can see these materials are generally used for vehicles but are also super handy to keep your unit looking brand new.

Below are some brands that we also use to regularly clean out our customers units and have a personal guarantee by our professional appliance technicians here in Perth, they include:

Method. Glass and surface- This product is a great surface cleaner for appliances that use no harsh chemicals. This cleaner is plant based and easily eliminates dirt, dust and handprints for only about $10!

Glitz. Stainless steel cleaner- This is one of our favourite products for our stainless steel units. It cleans, polishes and protects the unit through its unique formulation which dissolves and removes most grease and dirt marks. It also repels dust and fingerprints.

Glass Cleaner
• Simple Green. All-purpose cleaner- This great smelling product is a non-toxic and completely biodegradable option. This product is not only phosphate-free and septic safe but it also contains no harmful chemicals such as bleach, alcohol or ammonia while simultaneously clearing dirt, streaks and more!

• De-solv-it. This product is definitely one of our favourites because it smells great but works so much better. We generally use it to remove unsightly sticker marks or other types of dirt and grease. Like most of our other products it is completely biodegradable and made out of oranges!

• Aktivo. Is one of our new favourites, they do cleaning products ranging from cooktop cleaners, laundry liquid and powder, dishwasher powder and all-purpose cleaners! These guys are an Australian owned and run company and all their products are made from natural ingredients. We have a heap of their products ready and in store in our Canning-vale showrooms so you can pop by anytime to check them out

We take pride in sticking to mostly natural and biodegradable products when it comes to cleaning our customers units especially if they are close to food. There are many alternatives to these products but we use these ones on a daily basis to ensure your appliances are looking spick and span. So if you want your appliances to look brand new try some of these products out!

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