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How proper air conditioning can help students perform better

There is nothing harder than trying to focus in the sweltering heat or in the freezing cold where all you think about is that “I just really want to get out of this room.” It is a fact that comfort plays a fundamental role on our ability to focus which is why having the proper air conditioning facilities for students is so important.

If the air in a room is cold and comfortable we would spend more of our mental energy on the task at hand, this is especially true for students who may be under pressure from looming exams, tests or assignments.  Let’s face it we have all been a student and understand the constant willpower it needs to continue to not only focus and listen to the lesson but to also take it in and fully grasp it. So any way we can improve this should be the top priority for schools.

However this also does not just apply to schools but also parents with their homes. All students get homework or like to review a lesson at home which is also where a lot of the re-learning and studying takes place, it is as important to be in a comfortable environment at school as it is at home. So if you have children ensuring you have the most appropriate air conditioning system can drastically improve their retention and grasp of what they are learning or studying.

If we look at an American study by Cornell University on productivity of employees they found that when temperatures were low (so 20 degrees or lower) employees made 44% more mistakes than those in rooms with the optimal room temperature (25 degrees). They also found that those who were in the warmer room (at the optimal temperature) showed that they were more happy to be there and showed much more enthusiasm, so we can see how the proper temperature can have the same positive effects on students.

So the big question is what is the best temperature to have in rooms? Well science determines that room temperatures can be anywhere between 24-25 degrees in summer and 17-19 degrees on winter, by following this range you can also reduce the costs of running your unit.

At Camtec our licensed air conditioning technicians understand the proper investment needed in air conditioners and realise the massive benefits that occur from using the correct type of system to suite your needs whether you are a teacher in school or a parent at home.  For instance if you have a large property with multiple rooms it would be best to purchase a ducted air conditioning unit that can reach multiple rooms at once; if you have a smaller property that only has few rooms you can invest in getting split systems which are easy to install and are used for individual rooms. Each of these have their positives and negatives but investing time or asking an air conditioning professional like us at Camtec  can ensure that your students or children have the best chance to learn.


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