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Air conditioning is just one major element to keeping your home cool and your air fresh, any time of the year. Its effectiveness will be magnified if you take a few basic steps to improve the rest of your home in conjunction with having your air conditioner installed.

Creating a more insulated space means that your a/c unit will not have to work very hard to bring the inside air temperature down, or to keep it there. Even if you don’t want to make major improvements to the walls of your home, little things like plugging the spaces under doors or in windows as well as window coverings where there is direct sunlight can help keep the system working more efficiently and reducing energy usage.

Prior preparation also means knowing the intricacies of your home design. A number of factors, for instance, where sunlight hits to the pitch of the roof, will affect whether a split or ducted system is better for you.

The power you will need is another consideration. Some electrical boards need to be upgraded to allow space for an a/c to be installed. One room may absorb nearly all the sunlight during the day or have an enormous window which will require a lot more attention from the a/c than the rest of the house. Maybe you don’t even need cooling in every single room. If you don’t take these things into account before you begin, you will probably have to make expensive changes later on down the road.

Whether it is a ducted or split system air con you are after it’s incredibly important to prepare so that you don’t have to fork out money on systems or extras you just don’t need. We always recommend getting a professional to come out and inspect your property to ensure that you get the exact system you need so that you are comfortable all year around!

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