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As Australians we can barely survive without our air cons, but that also means this handy appliance is one of our most expensive ones. So it is very important to understand how much your air con will cost to run. Unfortunately there is no one standard price to run an air con but we can help you figure it out.

There are a variety of factors that you have to take into account when trying to calculate the cost of running your air con.

Size/ capacity of the unit:

The size of your unit is one of the main factors that affect the cost of running your unit. The size or capacity of an air con refers to the amount amount of energy it uses to run, the unit of measurement for this is a kilowatt and one kilowatt is one thousand watts of power. So some units may have 5 kilowatts or more to run the unit, this is pretty easy to identify when purchasing a unit as it’s usually either on the box or even the unit itself. This also means that the lower the wattage the less energy it uses to run, but this also affects how well your unit runs.

How long/often you run the unit

Obviously the more you run the unit the more it will cost, when calculating the cost of your unit you should keep track of how many hours a day you will use your appliance. When you figure out how much your unit costs to run you can determine your budget and easily cut down on your air con usage (although that may be a bit hard).

The temperature of the unit

Basically the higher the temperatue (either cold or hot) the more energy or watts it will use up when running. By managing the temperature setting of your appliance you can run it at the optimum temperature and not overwork your unit at the same time. When you determine the perfect temperature you can figure how much wattage you generally use and tInverter Technologyherefore be able to calculate the cost of running your unit.

Does your unit have inverter technology

Inverter technology is really good for cost savings and will also affect the cost of your unit. Inverter technology basically manages the speed of your units compressor motor so as to continuously regulate the temperature keeping it at the optimum temp at all times. If you have an inverter air con this means that generally your unit will cost less to run, so it’s a good idea to check if your unit has one.

All these different variable can seem like a lot to handle. Luckily a survey done by Canstarblue in 2016 did measure the average costs of air conditioners per hour. They found that a-

Air con for heating costs:

$0.33-$0.40 per hour for a reverse cycle air con

$1.48-$1.94 per hour for a ducted air con

Air con for cooling costs:

$0.11-$-$0.75 per hour for a reverse  cycle air con

$2.26-2.67 per hour for a ducted air con

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