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How air conditioning improves your health


Improves comfort levels and reduces stress levels


Have the optimal temperature in any environment has proven to raise comfort levels and reduce stress levels. This is because having your air con at the perfect temperature has a calming effect because you’re not constantly thinking “oh god it’s so cold!” or “Jeezus it’s boiling in here!”

There are no arguments on changing the temperature and you are able to solely focus on your task and stop overthinking therefore reducing your level of stress. If you are unsure of what the optimal temperature of your air con is suppose to be then you can follow the general rule of thumb which is that the temperature should be unnoticeable to you and everyone else in the room.


Reduces the presence of insects and parasites


Generally parasites and insects thrive off of warm and humid environments in order to develop. Therefore, by having a properly air conditioned environment these insects and parasites would rarely develop because of the coolness of the air conditioning, and even if they do happen to have developed and laid eggs before dying off then they would be less likely to even hatch.


Reduces the risk of dehydration


Whenever you are working on something or doing anything important you sometimes do forget to go have some water which can lead to dehydration. Partner this with sweating either due to stress or the physical nature of your task then dehydration can come about even quicker. By having a properly air conditioned environment you can reduce the level of sweating because you are being kept cool and therefore also reduces the likelihood of you becoming dehydrated.


Helps exclude external allergens


All air conditioners have filters inside them that filter out allergens and dust found in your home, office or building. Having a well air conditioned environment means that these units will be able to more effectively pick up the common allergens and particles that we cannot see in our air. However, it is also important to note that regular maintenance and cleaning of these units will also increase the effectiveness of the air conditioners filters.


Renews and improves air quality


As stated in the previous point by having the well conditioned environment where the units are maintained and cleaned drastically improves the air quality of this area. These benefits are mainly important for anyone who would suffer from respiratory conditions, people with allergies to airborne particulates, people living in areas subject to a lot of air quality issues, people with limited mobility and people who suffer from sinus and similar infuriating conditions.

Removes fumes and odors



A bad smell is unpleasant enough by itself, but it’s often also an indicator of a deeper and more serious problem – stale air, fumes, carelessly stored cleaning chemicals. All of these things can have an effect on health if they permeate the air and it is allowed to become stagnant. An efficient air conditioning system will help remove these fumes and odors from the affected area.



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