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Living in Perth or Australia is great but the heat does get to you which means your air conditioner is very important when the summer sun gets to boiling point. Installing air conditioners into your property requires an air conditioning service company that understands your needs for both domestic and commercial air conditioning in Perth properties, if you are having trouble on deciding what air conditioning services you need read below!

When choosing the right air con for your home or business it basically comes down to one decision; ducted or split system? Each has their own pros and cons and understanding these will help you make the best and most affordable decision for your residential or commercial property.

Split system air conditioning

Having a split system means that there are individual air conditioning units in each room. Now many believe that these systems cost more however they have been proven to be cheaper and more affordable in both their purchase price and actually running the unit. Having a split system allows you to only cool a singular room or space at a time. However these systems are designed for small to medium areas (about 10m2- 90m2) so if you a have a small home or office these would be the best choice. One downside though is that if you have a lot of rooms you will need an individual unit for every space you want to control the temperature. They are harder to install in places such as kitchens and bathrooms, so if you’re cooking up a roast or family meal you may have to suffer through the heat.

  • Cost effective/ efficient
  • Easily installed
  • Best for small to medium sized  buildings or spaces

Ductedconfused-person Air conditioning     

Ducted air conditioning is where a series of ducts are placed in the roof leading to multiple rooms or locations in a building; each duct connects to a central internal fan coil in the roof. These units are best for cooling down entire buildings or for large spaces like offices or big homes. These units do take longer to install and are more costly however they have a lot more power than the split system and are able to cool multiple rooms or individual areas all at once through a thermostat and zone controller installed on the wall. This system is the most manageable and effective air con solution. However one main downside is that some buildings may not be able to accommodate ducted systems, these systems require a large amount of roof space and small homes and building may not have enough room for the unit and multiple ducts.

  • Best for large spaces
  • More powerful solution
  • Can cool multiple areas

Each system has their drawbacks and positives what’s important when deciding on your unit is understanding your needs, your budget and the size of your building. As a leading service repairer and installer Camtec understands your needs so if you need a quote or just some more advice give us a call, drop by or contact us online!