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Most definitely yes. Many of our customers choose a starter system with the intent of upgrading it as their needs change.
With todays smartphone technology we are able to set you up so that you can review, record and playback video from your system via your phone.
Yes we can. What we can’t control for you though is the quality of the system you have purchased. We are happy to provide advice on systems that will perform well for your needs, and supply and install these with our workmanship and performance guarantees.
Most definitely yes. From simple single foyer systems to systems that are multi camera over multiple floors and are motion activated. Commercial systems are not just about protecting your premises, that are about protecting the people that make the business a success.

Camtec Leading Edge Security Solutions – CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Less than a decade ago, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems were thought of largely as being the domain of banks, jewellery stores, museums and art galleries. Today, CCTV cameras Perth are quite common in a cross-section of applications.

At Camtec Electrical Services, we offer a wide range of leading CCTV solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers. When our clients need CCTV cameras across Perth and the surrounding area, they have always relied upon us for advice and support because of the broad selection and in-depth expertise we have in these systems.

Affordable Peace Of Mind

Camtec has been offering innovative electrical and security solutions to business owners and residents in the region. Our clients have come to rely upon us to provide:

  • The most sophisticated CCTV cameras for Perth businesses and homes
  • Knowledgeable consultation on all types of monitoring and surveillance solutions
  • Pre-sale advice and recommendations
  • High quality, professional installation
  • After-sale support and maintenance

Our exemplary track record and history of service to the community has brought Camtec customers to come to rely upon us to offer the best possible advice, propose the most appropriate solutions and do so at the most affordable price.

When you add all of that up and present it as a “complete package”, you get affordable peace of mind!


Variety and Choice

Our CCTV cameras for Perth clients span the entire spectrum of video monitoring and surveillance applications.

Standard Definition Analogue CCTV Solutions (SD-CCTV):
  • For less discerning applications, we offer standard Analogue CCTV devices (also known as SD-CCTV). These offer our clients a great value-for-money proposition, using coaxial cables for transmission of crisp quality signals to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs).
  • At Camtec, you’ll also find Analogue High Definition (AHD) CCTV cameras for Perth businesses and homes that can deliver either 720p or 1080p resolution. In future, should you decide that your security needs have grown; you could gradually evolve your existing AHD CCTV solution into a high-def system.
High Definition – Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) systems:
  • If your security and surveillance needs are of an even more sensitive nature, then Camtec can offer you higher-end solutions that will provide you additional peace of mind.
  • Our HD-SDI standard systems take analog SD-CCTV surveillance to an even higher level, delivering broadcast quality that you usually see with HD television programming. The end result is stunningly life-like images of 2 Mega Pixel quality which starts at 1080p resolution.
  • The best part is that clients using existing AHD CCTV cameras at Perth homes and offices may selectively continue to do so, and gradually transition over entirely to our new HD-SDI standard solutions – the choice is yours!
High Definition Internet Protocol (HD-IP) systems:
  • Camtec CCTV cameras help Perth business owners and industrial sites take security to the next level with our HD-IP surveillance systems.
  • Our trained technicians can set you up with either structured network cable-based or wireless transmission-based options, enabling you to broadcast HD quality images 24/7 over large distances. All of our solutions utilize the highest quality devices and components, including CAT 6 Ethernet cables, to ensure you capture images in the highest resolution possible.
  • Most business or industry owners are required by insurance companies to protect their assets using the most reliable monitoring and surveillance systems. Doing so may even result in significant reductions of insurance premiums. And that’s where partnering with Camtec can help you.
  • With our IP-based CCTV cameras protecting Perth commercial and industrial sites, you’ll be assured of complete peace of mind – no matter where you are in the world! We design networked camera and video solutions that will offer long-duration record and playback features, so you’ll always have a record of activity on your grounds or inside your premises.

With the diverse choice of CCTV cameras for Perth residential, commercial and industrial applications available at Camtec, our clients are assured of truly one-window surveillance solutions from us.


Protecting Your Investment

It’s never too late to invest in peace of mind; and CCTV cameras and surveillance technology is the most cost effective way of accomplishing that. We’ll offer you a whole range of innovative and scalable solutions that can grow with your security needs.

With Camtec in your corner, you’re also assured of the most advanced technological solutions at the most competitive pricing. That’s our guarantee!

So why wait to protect your home, office, factory, or business? Contact Camtec today and find out how we use cutting edge CCTV cameras across Perth to deliver security and peace of mind to our clients. With just a single call, you could have one of our trained technicians consult with you to show you how you too can protect your investment.